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00671155 Cooker Hood Filter 310×275 mm Range Hood Grease Filter Extractor 31 cm 27,5 cm Bosch, Balay


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00671155 Cooker Hood Filter 310x275mm Range Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor Ventilation Aluminium – 31 cm 27,5 cm Bosch, Balay, NEFF, Siemens

Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter – 00671155

Product Classification: Compatible

If unpleasant odours are building up every time you cook, it may be necessary to replace the filter in your cooker hood which enables these to be eradicated. This filter is specifically designed to remove the grease which has built up after having cooked a meal.
This product is suitable for many various brands of models. Please, check compatibility and dimensions before ordering.
Product dimensions:310x275mm.

Compatible Models:

3 BC876, 3 BC7127, 3 BC974, 3 BC872, 3 BC765, 3 BC874, 3 BC7128, 3 BC766, 3 BC875, 3 BC863, 3 BC763, 3 BC7126.
DWW063651, DWB075650, DWB065750, DWW126650, DWB063450B, DWT075650, DWT073650, DWB073652, DWB063651, DWB072750, DWW063450B, DWB063650S, DWB063650, DWW065750.
D76S35N0MC, D66S34N0GB, D77M24N0GB, D77M35N0GB, D76D23N0, D77M35N0, D66S23N0GB, D76D35N0MC, D76S34N0, D76D34N0, d76S34N0GB, D77D34N0, D66S34N0, D76S23N0GB, D77E21N0GB, D76S23N0.
Pitsos:3 MEB60S.
LC657WA41, LC656WB30B, LC656BB60B, LC656WB30S, LC656WB30, LC657BA40, LC656BB60, LC756BB30, LC754BB20, LC756BA40.


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