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Sofa Tray, Couch Table Tray, Based Phone Holder 50×27.8 cm


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Sofa Tray, Couch Table Tray, Based Phone Holder 50×27.8 cm, Sofa Arm Tray, Couch tray, Sofa Tray Table, Couch Armrest Table, Arm Chair Tray,

Product features Leather-based phone holder sofa stand armrest stand offers soft touches with its leather base, at the same time, you can position glasses and tools in the structure you want with its non-slip feature. In this way, you can prevent stains that may occur on the headrests and provide long-lasting use.
The detachable feature of the slats removes the requirement for a certain size of the headrests, but it takes shape according to the area you position per seat. The lath edges are sanded and do not cut hands. It has a size of 50 * 27 cm. The phone holder you are looking for while watching movies or listening to music is right next to you! 
The phone holder, which has taken its place with special cuts, has become a part of your sofa table with elegant touches. In this way, it is now very easy to listen to music and watch movies in a pleasant way. The fabric on the bottom is mounted on durability with a special technique. It does not slip, does not leave marks and stains. Cleaning is quite simple. Just wipe it dry with a damp cloth. (It does not have a washable feature.) You can provide multi-purpose use in many parts of your home.
Wooden Side Table 50×27.8 cm Placemat Center Leather Decorative Wooden Sofa Tray Mat Armrest Sofa Tray Non-Slip Folding Design Portable Arm Rest Stylish Functional Organizer Sofa Table Top Coffee Base Folding Placemat

Brand Name: OZBA
Origin: TR(Origin)
Material: Rattan / Wicker
With Rollers: No
Appearance: Modern
Style: Minimalist Modern
With Storage: No
Shape: Square
Folded: Yes
Installation Method: Self-contained

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